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HalalGuide launches Ramadan features
Aug. 31, 2017

1. Check the prayer time. Using HalalGuide app you can quickly check the prayer time and set up notifications on upcoming prayers 5 or 15 minutes prior to the prayer for you to have time to get wudu.

2. Read Quran online. During Ramadan we must read the Holy Quran more and more often, and for this it is enough to have only a smartphone at hand. In HalalGuide there is a Koran, a tafsir, and also a unique opportunity - to share a verse with a friend through any messenger.

3. Learn more about Islam. It is not always possible to read books, for example, while driving, on the road or just during rest, it is more convenient to listen to the radio. In the HalalGuide application, you can listen to radio online in several languages. 24 hours a day on different radio stations sound educational, information and many other programs.

  4. Find a place for Iftar. Do not have time to prepare Iftar at home? Call friends or family in a cafe or restaurant. You can choose a cafe for prices, remoteness, parking and many other parameters. You can also see if this institution has a certificate "Halal".

5. Want Halal food to be delivered for Iftar to your home? Order delivery of food through our application. You can choose your favorite dishes from a large catalog of institutions. But! Remember that many Muslims begin to eat just at this time, and the queue can be big, so take care of the order at least a couple of hours before the Iftar. And do not forget that the wife also needs to rest from cooking to Ramadan.

6. Take advantages of cashbacks and deals! In the HalalGuide application, there is a list of cafes, restaurants, shops and other establishments in which the loyalty system operates. Return the percentage of the purchase in the form of bonuses, which you can then spend on real things or donate for the construction of a mosque and other charitable projects.

7. Find a place for tarawih. Through the interactive map you can find the nearest mosque for committing tarawih in any city. Such an opportunity can become especially relevant for travelers.

8. Halal or Haram? It often happens that come up with questions and doubts on various topics throughout the day. In a month of fasting such questions increase many times. But now it was possible to assign them directly to the Imam, through the HalalGuide application.

9. Find events and gatherings. In this month, Muslims are maximally rallying and holding a large number of joint events. All such meetings and events in each city are available in HalalGuide. Do not miss the opportunity to be closer to the Ummah!

10. Have your Ramadan tracked. With the post-tracker from HalalGuide check in when you are having a post and app will immediately show how much time left before the iftar, and where the nearest halal cafes or restaurants are located. And, most importantly, you will receive a notice with a prayer-dua for a breakdown. (this feature is available on Android devices)

All these offered in one free application! HalalGuide will help you spend Ramadan as productive as possible. https://halalguide.me/app

  Also the HalalGuide team offers a holiday gift to all readers: a screensaver on the desktop with a Muslim calendar.

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