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Youth Festival Idel will be serving halal food
Aug. 31, 2017

The youth centre Idel has been carrying out various activities and providing food for the children of Tatar and young people living outside of Tatarstan since 1999, all of this being funded by the government. The meals served to the children and others youths, have always been Halal to meet religious needs, however over the years, organising halal breakfasts to halal dinners have become increasingly difficult.

Children's camps and youth festivals Idel held on the basis of the state of the camps and lodges that operate in sootvetstvii with Russian legislation and becoming food for tender. So, in October of the current year, the Youth centre Volga (RT, Borovoye Matyushenko), citing Rospotrebnadzor, announced that it is unable to provide halal food to vacationers. "Chief's orders" in the Republic of Tatarstan Yakov Geller - comments on the situation: "In my opinion, if you eat at state expense, you must eat what we provide you, for example, I eat only kosher food therefore carry lunch around in a container..

The Muslims of Tatarstan have suggested solving this problem through the “Department of food and social nutrition of Kazan”. This Agency helps to buy the Halal products at the average market price. In addition, there is always the option to surcharge the Halal food. For example, according to the norms, baby food and resting in the camp, the state allocates 264 of the ruble. Food on Halal is 19% more expensive. Some camps raise the additional funds by adding it to the cost of the ticket.

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