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Halal restaurants near me are now easy to find using the HalalGuide App
Aug. 31, 2017

When sightseeing, working, or simply having a day out in the UK, it is quite likely that you will need to stop and eat somewhere. This sounds quite simple, find a restaurant, order food, and eat! However, if you are a Muslim following Halal guidelines, simply finding an authentically Halal restaurant can prove to be a difficult task. But it's now simplier than ever with the HalalGuide app, which can quickly show you where the closest Halal place to eat is. (P.S. if you're looking for mosques in the area, there's an article for that too).

Searching for Halal food:
Most people will Google, ‘Halal restaurants near me’ and several restaurants or takeaways will pop up, claiming to be Halal. Unfortunately, Google is not one hundred percent accurate, and is unable to find a lot of restaurants that are Halal. For example, there are a few chicken and chip shops that claim to be Halal, but on closer inspection, they don’t have an official certificate to prove it.

Another issue is that Google will find restaurants that serve Halal food, but do not ‘prepare it in a Halal way’. What this actually means that though the meat may come from a Halal source, it is cooked alongside non-Halal meat. This, ultimately, makes it non-Halal. HMC halal meat is seen as the most authentic halal food in the UK, but each country has their own certification centres.

The HalalGuide:
To eliminate the ambiguity behind these partially Halal restaurants, HalalGuide does not include them in its search, narrowing down the correct Halal restaurants for you to enjoy. This particular and significant elimination can help you find the best Halal restaurant nearby. HalalGuide’s mission is clear and focused, making it a more ideal search tool than Google.

HalalGuide can be used on a web browser, but it also has a downloadable app, which allows you to search for Halal restaurants nearby.

How the HalalGuide differs:
The HalalGuide app detects your current location, and finds the nearest Halal Restaurant to you, automatically. You can also determine if you want a restaurant, home delivery or supermarket with the map view. What HalalGuide does, that is unique to it, is categorise the Halal restaurants based on their credibility.

For example, there are Red, Yellow and Green Flags, and these flags determine the Halal credibility of that restaurant:
- The Red Flag shows restaurants and takeaways that serve alcohol and shisha.
- The Yellow Flag shows restaurants and takeaways that do not have the appropriate Halal certificate, or have a certificate of Halal food from their meat suppliers only.
- The Green Flag shows the restaurants and takeaways that are Halal, with the appropriate Halal certificate.

What this means is that, if you are looking for a Halal restaurant which also serves shisha, then you need to look out for the Red Flag. Equally, if you want to avoid such places, you need to avoid the Red Flags.

Additionally, the HalalGuide app shows reviews of each restaurant and allows you to enter a new Halal outlet into their system, should you come across one that is not on their site already. However, HalalGuide has over 1200 restaurants and takeaways in London alone, so the likelihood is that they have got it covered!

Overall, this app is a safe way of finding authentic and credible Halal restaurants and takeaways near you. If you are out and about in a new city, you can find your local takeaway for lunch, or try somewhere unique whilst you sightsee the attractions. The app is available in 120 countries and 12 different languages, so you're likely to find the perfect place no matter where you are. In addition, it also has bonus features including a Salah timetable for your current location, a compass to orient you towards Makkah, and a mosque search to find the closest one to you.

HalalGuide is the ultimate essential app to have, so you can spend more time enjoying your food than worrying about it.

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