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How I Used HalalGuide to Find Mosques Near Me - And You Can Too
March 5, 2018

Have you ever travelled somewhere - whether it’s to an entirely new country, or within England itself - then realised it’s time to pray and you have no idea where the closest mosque or prayer spot is? I recently found myself in this situation, when visiting a friend in a London who lived in a borough that I had never been to. Fortunately however, I was able to use HalalGuide to get myself out of this predicament. Finding mosques near me was incredibly easy and here’s a simple guide on how you can find them too. (P.S, if you're looking for halal restaurants, there's an article for that too).

HalalGuide is available on the web but can also be downloaded as an app. So even if you weren’t indoors with a laptop or PC, you’d still be able to access the information on your phone. In addition to that, you can also find the prayer times through HalalGuide and set up the app to notify you when it’s time to pray, making the whole process incredibly straightforward. In fact when I was in London, there were times when I may have not remembered to pray if it had not been for the notifications from the app.

The Easiest Way
As I’ve mentioned, finding nearby mosques is simple and the easiest way to do it is by opening the HalalGuide app. Turn on your GPS location on your mobile and once you’ve opened the app, you will see the closest mosque to you on the homepage. It really is that effortless!

Other Ways
But what if the closest mosque has bad reviews, or you don’t happen to have your mobile when needed? There are other ways to find the mosque you want. In my situation, I happened to be on my laptop when I realised it was Zuhr time. I went to the HalalGuide website and accessed the map view of all the mosques in London and when my location was found, I was able to find the closest mosque to me. This too can be done on the app; remember to turn on your location to find the mosques quickly.

Alternatively, on the HalalGuide app you can go to the list version of nearby mosques. This puts all the mosques in your area in order, based on how close they are to you. You can also view the contact number, reviews and opening times of the mosques to see if it’s the right one for you.

Help the Ummah
Don’t forget you too can help the Ummah. If there are any mosques near you, or any that you know of in other areas, please add them to HalalGuide's ever growing list. Not only will you be helping your Muslim brothers and sisters, but you will also be receiving blessings from Allah every time someone uses HalalGuide to find a mosque.

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