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The Mosque "Nur"

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Имам мечети - Мухаммад хазрат Киямов
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  • street Vakhitova, 39, Chistopol, Tatarstan Republic, Russia, 422980
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Имам Мухаммад хазрат Киямов
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О заведении

This is one of the oldest congregational mosques in Tatarstan. The mosque "Nur" was built in 1857 on the project previously burned on the place of the Muslim temple. A native of the village of Upper Pine Vyatka province merchant Hasan Yakulov allocated funds for the construction of the mosque.Originally Chistopolskaya mosque "Nur" was a three enfilade United along the axis of the room (the main prayer hall, small hall and lobby). The main hall was crowned keeled beneath the dome, and the small hall and the lobby were combined and covered with a gable roof. A narrow staircase from the entrance hall led to the minaret. Later to the main building on the North side was added to surround the second floor of the vestibule, and in the 1980s was made an auxiliary input. Unlike other religious buildings in the Soviet period "Nur" was not closed and remains open for the believers in the most difficult times. Among the one hundred mosques in Tatarstan, Chistopol Muslim temple was the most influential and important mosque Kazan "Marjani". In the period from 1893 to 1921 duties of the Imam performed well-known social activist and educator Muhamatnozim husainovich Amirkhanov.In our days the mosque "Nur" in Chistopol is a monument of religious architecture of the Tatars of the middle of the nineteenth century. Spatial decision "Nur" echoes of the Kazan mosque "Nurulla".

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