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Online conference Ayrat Kasimov on ANSAR
Aug. 31, 2017

The first and unique guide on the market of Halal services in Russia and the CIS was launched in 2012. Today on the interactive map HalalGuide marked more than 15,000 institutions (mosques, madrassas, cafes, shops, etc.). Besides the basic functionality, users of the website and mobile application can use additional services: ask a question to the Imam, to add known Halal point to the site to meet Muslim poster.The app is available in English, Turkish, Arabic, Tatar, French and Chinese.Team HalalGuide is implementing several projects to help the Muslims of Russia and the world. Among them is the Muslim guide halalguide.me, shipping Halal food halaleda.me, loyalty system halalskidka.ru and also the marketplace for establishments and producers of Halal products halaltrading.ru sites namaz-time.ru and islamdua.to gibadat questions by leaving a comment on the site ansar.ru

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